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Nacho Cervantes

Head Brewer Eastlake

My beer experience started with Pizza Port in 2004 as a busser, stocker, and eventually bartender. In 2007, I was offered the opportunity to join the brewing team which consisted of Jeff Bagby, Brandon Edwards, Noah Regnery, Yiga Miyashiro, and Greg Peters. At first, I was in charge of washing kegs, selling/delivering beer, CIPs on tanks, etc. I worked closely with the rest of the brewing team and learned a lot from my colleagues. Slowly I was taught new tasks, like yeast handling, ingredient recognition, and quality control. After four years of moving up within the brewing team, I was offered the Head Brewer position at Pizza Port Carlsbad; there, I had the opportunity to work with a new assistant, James Hodge- you might have heard of him. During the next three years, I really got comfortable with my own brewing style. I received a gold medal for Twerp Belgian Blonde and a bronze for 547 Haight St. Imperial Red at the Great American Beer Festival in 2012. That same year I received two medals at World Beer Cup (the biggest international brewing competition). When Yiga Miyashiro moved forward in his brewing career, I was put in charge of brewing at Pizza Port Ocean Beach. I went on to win 7 medals at GABF during my time at OB. In 2016, I moved to Pizzas Port's production and canning facility in inland Carlsbad. During my time as a Head Production brewer, I've managed teams of up to 15 brewers and brewed 36,000 bbls of beer within a year. In 2018, I made the move to be head brewer at the Bell Marker Brewery/Artisanal Brewers Collective, in downtown San Diego. In my short time there I was able to capture gold at the California State Fair, San Diego International, and Los Angeles International Beer Festivals.

Pizza Port and The Bell Marker/Artisanal Brewers Collective were amazing companies and I am so thankful for all of the opportunities I was given. I look forward to working with my old colleague, James Hodges, and can’t wait to make some awesome beer. I'm beyond excited to join Chula Vista Brewery and see what the future holds. I don't have a favorite style of beer to brew but I like brewing IPAS, Stouts, Lagers, Belgians, Barrel Aging, just as much as I like drinking them.